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Vera Gilford, a transformation leader, shares unique insights, deep thinking, educational and inspirational content through speaking, coaching and training. Experiences as a former litigator for the IRS and corporate America and owner of a hospitality business in Miami’s Festive Marketplace, she developed sparks of insight and pit bull determination to succeed in law and business. The author of Success Tips From My Lessons in Business Leadership & Golf, Vera’s inspiration and insights keep you aligned to get through rough terrain when passionate dreams drive you. Vera helps you discover that zone of total health and wellness where you excel and produce meaningful and financially rewarding achievements.

Vera Gilford is co-author of Secrets of Losing Weight and Better Health. While living what society considered a “healthy lifestyle,” she approached a cliff-hanger health challenge that left her clinging to understand. In finding answers to her inner questions her research revealed information crucial to  the Millennial and X-Generations and for over 75 percent of the population  suffering from America’s major health threats. Vera speaks, coaches and trains in the areas of personal and business health and wellness. With the crucial information in her book she helps companies reduce healthcare costs, engage employees in their own health and well-being and increase productivity.