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Vera Gilford, a transformation leader, uses her unique insights to share deep-thinking, educational, inspirational, and transformative content with the world through speaking, coaching and training. In her experiences as a former litigator for the IRS, she learned the determination necessary to succeed in business in one of Miami’s Festive Marketplaces. Business is like a jealous mistress. Vera helps you find your X-Zone where absolute commitment and the determination of a pit bull are necessary keys to succeed. Vera helps you find your X Zone where passionate dreams drive you to excel and produce meaningful and financially rewarding achievements.

Vera acquired a new assignment, when at the age of 24, while living what society considered a “healthy lifestyle,” she approached a cliff-hanger health challenge that left her needing to understand why. With tools she acquired at the law review she set out on a new mission to find the reasons. In finding answers to her inner questions her research revealed information crucial to the world. Vera turned her passion of writing into a business. She speaks and coaches in the areas of personal and business health and wellness, helping businesses reduce healthcare costs .