Vera Gilford, J.D. Speaker and Author


In law school Vera worked as a tax research assistant to the tax law professor. In that capacity she drafted comments to the Joint Committee on Taxation for proposed legislation. She also served as Articles Editor and wrote articles for the Texas Southern Law Review, including Accumulated Earnings Tax.

After graduating from law school Vera worked with the Office of Chief Counsel, Internal Revenue Service in Washington, DC and with the Office of District Counsel in Miami, FL litigating tax cases in the U.S. Tax Court, negotiating settlements, drafting tax legislation, researching and writing tax law, policy and procedure. Vera also traveled around the world on cases with global impact. In addition, Vera served as Federal Women’s Coordinator, resolving disputes between management and women with sexual harassment complaints.

 Vera’s business experience goes deeper than academics. It was ingrained from her businessman father. Vera served as CEO and legal counsel of her own hospitality/retail business for ten years, then sold it and wrote a book, Business Leadership and Success. It outlines challenges and disruptions necessary to overcome for business and leadership success.

Vera balances her analytical side with her emotional side through her love of writing.  In 2016 while editing a book on health for another author Vera discovered answers to a health challenge decades earlier. Pouring in additional research she eventually became co-author on, Secrets to Losing Weight and Better Health. It reveals keys to better health at the cellular level. Researching deeper beyond the cellular level took vera to the deepest part of you at the  level of your molecular structure.

If there is an illness in your body it is because there is an imbalance in your molecular structure, where the core of you resides, where your cells and your soul connect.

As a 2017 New Years’ Resolution Vera set out on a mission to access her molecular structure and find out what was there. What she discovered was profound. Even more amazing was how the incredibly awesome 2017 August solar eclipse helped her get there.

The benefits you gain when you access your molecular structure at the core of you:

      *  Meet the Authentic You

      *  Conquer Your Fears

      *  Unleash the Genius in You

 When you discover the authentic you,  your life and business gain incredible meaning. Don’t wait until it is too late to realize the potential you have not used.  You will regret the years you lost and wish you had done it sooner. Invest in you and your staff and the return on your investment will be incredibly awesome and amazing. Additional benefits of Vera’s lessons.

   * Avoid a loss to your reputation with more informed employees or members

   * Avoid a decline in productivity

   * Engage your employees or members in their own mental and physical well being

   * Inspire your staff to have better relationships

   * Align Millennials desire for more meaning with your company’s need for greater productivity

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