Vera Gilford, empowers leaders soft skills


People would rather fight a pit bull than to poke at emotions raging within. Fearful and painful emotions hide in the soul of your cells. Anxiety overrides education. Emotions trapped within you turn into clutter. They block your creative flow and inhibit your emotional intelligence. The inner pit bull becomes harder to tame than the outer one.

If there is illness in your health, finances, relationships, career or business it is because there is an imbalance deep in the soul of your cells in your molecular structure. Exposure, education, family support, mentors and finances help you succeed but what helps you the most to access your power is mastering your inner game.

Access Your Power

When you access your power you meet the authentic you and conquer stressful emotions raging within.  Do not let you stop “YOU” from unleashing the genius within.

Vera Gilford, a former tax litigation attorney, is a professional speaker and author of multiple books. Her passion is to empower and encourage leaders to master your inner game. It is said that if you find the point where your father’s path crosses your mother’s path you will find your point in life. A point that most defines you. Vera has found that to be true. Her mother was very spiritual and her father was a businessman. She is inspired seeking the soul of the business. Her book, Business Leadership and Success outlines how to maintain emotional intelligence and master your inner game through the challenges and disruptions of business.

In a personal experience that took her on a fascinating journey deep within her core the night of the August 2017 solar eclipse Vera discovered that any disorder in any area of your life is because there is imbalance in the soul of your cells.  It is there that you meet the authentic you. Accessing her core took Vera through darkness but she came out with profound insights. At the level of your molecular structure is where you conquer fear and pain and unleash your greatest gifts of genius. Do not wait until it is too late to realize the potential you have not used.  You will regret the years you lost and wish you had done it sooner.