Vera Gilford, J.D. Speaker and Author


What is the key to life that helps you to grow through challenges, to excell, to achieve? Exposure, education, family support, mentors and finances help you grow, but the biggest regrets of life come in not listening and trusting your own intuition.

Deep within is where you meet the authentic you. The first relationship you must satisfy is the one deep within you.  Deep beneath your cellular structure is where you access the molecular structure. It holds the key to you. It is where your cells and your soul connect. It is there in the deepest part of you that you access your power to conquer fear and pain and unleash the genius in you.

If there is an illness in your health, finances, relationship, career or business it is because there is an imbalance in the core of you. Fear and pain distort the truth of who you are. They prevent you from unleashing your inner genius.

 Vera’s gift of insight helps you access your power in the deepest part of you beneath your cellular structure at the level of your molecular structure,  where you conquer fear and pain and unleash your greatest gifts.

When you discover the authentic you,  your life and business gain incredible meaning. Don’t wait until it is too late to realize the potential you have not used.  You will regret the years you lost and wish you had done it sooner. Invest in you and the return in other areas of your life will be incredibly awesome and amazing.

Vera speaks and writes to inspire, educate and transform. She balances her analytical side with her creative side through her passion for writing.