Vera Gilford, J.D.  a keynote speaker and author, is blessed with gifts of insight and writing, whether in law, sports, health, business or leadership. She educates, inspires, and passionately weaves her views of life to help you through the pain to the joys that life passionately needs to express.

n 2016 while editing a book on health for another author Vera discovered answers to a health challenge. Pouring additional research into that book she eventually became co-author on, Secrets to Losing Weight and Better Health, about losing weight and gainng better health by nourishing the cellular level. Continuing her research deeper beyond the cellular level took Vera deeper to the  level of your molecular structure.

 Discovering that if there is an illness in your health it is because there is an imbalance in your molecular structure, created a desire in Vera to access her molecular structure and find out what was there.  As a 2017 New Years’ Resolution Vera set out on that mission. What she discovered was profound. Even more amazing was how a dream the night of the incredibly awesome 2017 August solar eclipse took her there.

Vera’s research was initiallly to learn to improve her health. But through her research she discovered that illness in any area of your life is due to an imbalance in your molecular structure. 

In a style that is delightfully informative and motivational Vera delivers a message that makes a difference. To book Vera to speak to your organization email vera4speaker@gmail.com