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General John Kelly was Right Failure to Negotiate Taxes Led to the Civil War

Vera Gilford, J.D. Speaker and Author


My account of history reflects that White House chief of staff, General John Kelly was right. The Civil War resulted from a failure to negotiate. TO TAX OR NOT TO TAX  SLAVES as property, how to calculate value on slaves, how to APPORTION FAIR TAXES and REPRESENTATION became hotly contested issues. Fierce debates involving these issues pitted southern states against northern and western states.

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Dear Mr. President

Dear President Donald Trump

When I heard you say , “…the actions of North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong un would be met with fury like the world has never seen,” it made me wonder. There have been many wars throughout history. No matter who won or lost, common denominators for them have been many lives lost, enormous debt, costly resources, massive destruction, and a plethora of injured bodies.

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Dear President Donald Trump

Dear President Donald Trump,

Recently the news showed a lady walking along the sidewalk texting. In front of her was a hole about three feet wide and over three feet long. Maintenance workers had lifted the grate that covered the hole and left it up while they worked in the hole. The lady walked toward the hole not noticing the grate raised about three feet high.  As I watched her walk toward it, I was sure she could see the gigantic hole and would not fall in it. Her mind was so focused on texting she never saw the hole, flipped right over the grate and fell into the huge hole in the ground.

The reason she did not see the big hole was because her attention was somewhere else. Similarily, when two people are in a room talking they may both hear or see something different, depending on where their attenton is focused. What either saw or heard  is simply a judgment that may or may not reflect what actually took place.

Awareness is focusing on a single thing. Without awareness we are unconscious to our surroundings. During these times we are only vaguely aware of our actions or of the details of our work or of the feelings of our family. Actions that we take when we are unaware or unconscious, generally are not part of our plan  and were not intended. Too often, when we reflect back on these periods of “unconsciousness” we regret the actions that we took. We are lucky if  those actions did not cause too much damage.

The reason I am writing Mr. President is because I see a gigantic hole ahead and it seems you are about to fall in it.

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The Real Reason American Healthcare Fails to Get Repaired Is More About Business Than Politics

The real reason American Healthcare fails to get repaired is more about business than politics. When you analyze the setbacks, especially of that first Healthcare Act that never made it for a vote, it is more about dollars than votes.

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President Donald Trump Reigns – Melania Shines

As President Donald Trump reigns Melania shines at his Inaugural Address. First Lady Melania Trump added blue skies to President Donald Trump’s historic day and what a day it was. January 20, 2017 is known historically as the day power is transferred in the executive branch of the United States government. On the morning of January 20, 2017, Barack H. Obama was President and Michelle Obama was First Lady. By afternoon, Donald J. Trump was President of the Unied States and Melania Trump was First Lady. The world watched as Donald Trump the newly elected 45th President of the United States was officially sworn in to began his term.

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