Dear Mr. President

Dear President Donald Trump

When I heard you say , “…the actions of North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong un would be met with fury like the world has never seen,” it made me wonder. There have been many wars throughout history. No matter who won or lost, common denominators for them have been many lives lost, enormous debt, costly resources, massive destruction, and a plethora of injured bodies;

The greatest destruction the world has ever seen? Do you really want that to be your legacy?

You hold the power to leave a legacy as the greatest at whatever you choose. I wonder if that is what you really choose or is it simply a response to Kim provoking an emotional button (the bully button) inside of you?

Each war has left enormous destruction to the masses, while others have reaped gains from the dead caucuses, the debt, or the survivors who suffered irreparable harm to their bodies.

I think it would make North Korea’s Kim very happy (and wealthy) to be able to push your button and provoke you into a war of words that leads to a nuclear war. North Korea appears to be a poverty ridden nation, but today’s wealth is in poverty. (i.e. medcaid).

Kim’s wealth is not in natural resources or territory. As I see it, Kim stands to acquire wealth from the injured bodies in need of blood.

Research currently underway is creating something called, “artificial blood.” In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved it. It is expected to be a seven trillion dollar industry. This “artificial blood” is promoted as a solution to the world’s shortage of blood caused by soldiers and others injured in war. It is also being advanced to solve the shortage of blood needed for blood transfusions.

It is unclear how it is being tested around the world, but consider how Kim could benefit from its use. Cancer patients today are being aggressively urged to get blood transfusions when the chemotherapy, depresses the immune system causing the white and red blood cell counts to drop below normal range. In a blood transfusion, your blood is withdrawn and mixed with other blood (ie artificial blood) then injected back into your body. When this “artificial blood” mixes with your original blood, it interferes with your blood’s ability to create normal blood cells. Imagine a feeling of stiff blood, less flexibility, and less movement. I believe the future will show that this “artificial blood” does to the body what opioids have done to the minds of millions of people around the world.

It may seem that North  Korea’s Kim has loose marbles that are not very tightly wrapped, I would say, do not let appearances fool you. Why a man who reasons well with and enjoys the company of Dennis Rodman suddenly becomes activated to provoke nuclear war when you are elected.

Kim could not provoke other world leaders to war because they saw no benefit to them (either their legacy and resources or the cost of destruction was too great.) For them Kim was insignificant.

However, when you became president, Kim studied you. He seems to believe that a war of words is sufficient to provoke you into a nuclear war. I believe he would enjoy nothing more than to help you start a war that will reap him billions of wealth as the bodies of soldiers and others are injured and in need of “artificial blood.”

What you may see as poverty in North Korea, he sees as a tremendous pool of wealth. (One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.)

Kim  knows that the survival of his regime is limited as tougher economic sanctions are imposed from countries around the world. This forces him into a race to provoke you into a “war of words.” A tactic he hopes will lead to a quick war. I believe war with North Korea’s Kim will bring billions into his pocketbook. I suspect that if you look closely you may find that those urging you into war also stand to gain economic benefits that the masses will not enjoy.

I believe Kim sees a way to reap billions by simply pushing a “bully” button that challenges your manhood. It is unfortunate that some people have little concern for the health or welfare of human life, other than seeing them as bodies in need of “artificial blood.”

I believe that unlike those people, you have a heart that wants to do the right thing, not just for the money or economic gain it may bring. Mr. President, right now, what you control is the power to choose how you respond in this matter. Once made, your decision in the words you speak or the actions you take will be difficult to withdraw. Consider your legacy. For the sake of your children and all the future generations that may suffer needless injury and pain, do not fall into Kim’s trap. Why give him that pleasure?